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To fully describe a user story/use case, we need to include the "properties"
or conditions of the actors involved and the infrastructure between them and
their objectives. 

Each user story should have some information about the device and
infrastructure the actors use, respectively, and the data input and outputs
available for each actor involved. 

Abbreviations may be used to refer to generic pre-condition profiles, namely
we propose these two profiles abbreviations and their definitions:


the user has access to a machine on which he/she:

*	can freely install software as standalone applications, in-browser
applications, widgets or otherwise; 
*	the machine has unlimited computational power, storage capacity, and
uninterrupted, high-bandwidth, low-cost, and potentially secure Internet
*	keyboard and mouse are used as input devices and a large user
display is available; 
*	the ''desktop'' machine typically supports multiple accounts and may
be used by several members of a household or business; 
*	it is not continuously attached to the user which is described in
the use case


the user has access to a machine on which he/she can:

.         run restricted applications in a browser (which do not always
comply with W3C MWI guidelines) or as sandboxed applications; 

.         in addition to the social network use case, the device may be used
(designed) for telephony and SMS as well and provides an integrated software
infrastructure for calendar and contact management; 

.         the machine has limited computational power, limited storage,
intermittent, low-bandwidth, typically tariffed/pay as you go, and
potentially secure Internet connectivity; 

.         when using an IP-based service between this user and another user
or service provider there may one or more mobile network operators whose
infrastructures and policies may including transcoding web pages, filtering
for age-appropriate content, and blocking of certain Web services; 

.         the user inputs through a restricted keyboard, with gestures or
via a touch screen; 

.         the output device is highly variable ranging from a small,
low-resolution screen to a pico-projector or sound / vibration alarm; 

.         through embedded sensors, the device can relate itself, the user,
and the environment to one another, and makes the readings such as,
potentially, location, temperature, pollution, activity, proximity of other
users or devices available to the application layer; 

.         the ''mobile'' machine is typically engineered to suit a single
user who is carrying the device continuously


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