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Re: Death and Berevement

From: Kaliya <kaliya@mac.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 11:52:41 -0700
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we recently had a death in our community....

I am curious what will happen to his digital assets.
  Given all he wrote about this is particularly interesting.

I know the community is committed to creating a space for his written  
work that was not yet published to be published.  This is different  
then presences in online networks (I don't think he had many).

There is also a podcast on this subject with a social media guy with a  
cancer that has a high chance of death.



On Jul 26, 2009, at 12:39 PM, Phil Archer wrote:

> Someone I'm linked to of Facebook raised an issue earlier as a joke  
> - but actually, I think it has a serious side: if I die, will  
> Facebook close my account?
> No, they won't - but /someone/ probably should. If I shuffled off  
> this mortal coil tomorrow, the potential task for my wife or  
> children would be tracking down a bunch of accounts and passwords  
> that all needed updating with the news that I was no longer a burden  
> to society. I wonder if there's a 'cancel all the accounts of person  
> X' use case here?
> The problem would be malicious usage, so it would probably have to  
> be something like making an online will: "I hereby give permission  
> that, in the event of my death, person Y has the authority, using Z  
> credentials, to cancel all my online accounts unless I log into /any/ 
> of them in the following 3 months" or something.
> What I can't work out is whether this is something that might be  
> part of a future standardisation track - or simply a commercial  
> opportunity for someone. In which case, why the heck am I sending  
> this to a public list?  ;-)
> Phil.
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