Invited Speakers: Topic # 4 of July 1 meeting agenda

I would like to update the SWXG regarding the following invitations to speak
on a future conf call (which I extended on behalf of the group) and the
responses received. 
Please feel free to update invited speaker's wiki on this, if there is need
to track these invites and replies for the future.
       OSLO Agreement. I contacted Ronan Higgins and Andrew Scott about a
month ago. Our invitation was declined. See Ronan's reply below my
       MOBILE Community services providers: I invited Sam Critchley (GyPSii)
and Marcus Ladwig (Peperoni). 
           Have not yet heard from Sam. Marcus replied that he is not
available and that their shifting company focus made the W3C work out of
scope for them.
I believe that without significantly more effort to pay attention to the
needs of BUSINESSES, it is and will continue to be difficult to attract
senior executives/thought leaders who are currently OPERATING commercial
(set aside the matter of if they are successful or not) community services
to speak to this group. 


Spime Wrangler 


mobile (Swiss): +41 79 436 68 69

from US: +1 (617) 848 8159

from anywhere (Skype): Christine_perey 

There is no public information about the OSLO Alliance at the current time,
beyond the original announcement
The group are working through the technical details of how information is to
be shared between Alliance participants.  The goal is to have a simple
system up and running with limited overhead, but complexities can cause
scope creep.
I took a quick look through the W3C Social Web Incubator Group and am not
sure it is relevant to OSLO work, as OSLO is focused simply on the ability
to query Alliance member networks for user distance-to information.
However, I don't see the DERI (Digital Enterprise Research Institute) SIOC
(Semantically Integrated Online Communities) group listed in the W3C
participants.  SIOC are experts in the field of semantic metadata in
relation to the social web.  of <> 

Ronan Higgins, Founder

tel  +35316572588
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fax  +35316335498

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