Use Case and Functionality Matrix

Hi All

Suggestion was made today to create a document displaying a matrix of
social networks [1] along the top as columns and use cases or
fuctionalities [2] as rows.

I am happy to try and help create a draft of this with the group, with
a view to aiming to also see if we can establish common
functionalities that are displayed accross use cases.

Looking at the current wish list, I would suggest that the matrix is
likely to be very sparsely populated.

As the initial doc might be quite large, rather than putting something
straight into the wiki, might it be an idea to stage the
doc/spreadsheet on a shared document service, with a more advanced
version going into the wiki?  Does anyone know of one that we might be
able to use?

Please reply to this email chain if you are also interested in helping
with this.



Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 14:08:15 UTC