Agenda for Social Web XG Telecon: July 8th 2009 13:00-15:00Z

The main focus will be on Joaquin, PeterF, and other's proposals for
the scope and deliverables from the portability task force.


SWXG WG Weekly

    1. Convene [2]SWXG WG meeting of 2009-07-08T13:00-15:00Z (See your
       [3]local time)
          + [4]Zakim teleconference bridge: Boston, USA:
            [5]+1.617.761.6200 code:SWXG Nice, France:
            [6]+ code:SWXG Bristol, UK:
            [7]+44.117.370.6152 code:SWXG ([8]zakim calendar)
               o supplementary IRC chat: [9]#swxg on port
          + chair: DKA or hhalpin
          + scribe: Adam Boyet
          + roll call, comments on the agenda.
            regrets: Hakan
          + PROPOSED: to approve [10]SWXG WG Weekly -- 8 July 2009 as a
            true record
          + PROPOSED: to meet again Wed, 15th July
          + Next scribe: danbri
    2. General Organization and Task Forces
          + Brief intro the "final report" document work.
          + ACTION: bblfish and hhalpin to write up kaliya's talk for
            future report
          + Someone needed to write up Soren and Jonathan's findings
            from last telecon for final report?
    3. User Stories
          + ACTION: Sören to propose addition to the template for user
            stories for conditions
          + ACTION: tpa to look for similar use cases list to expand
          + More stories from business or developer side? John wants to
            develop software X, Company Y is a social networking site
            and wants...
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: tinkster to document developer stories
            on wiki.
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: tinkster to document danbri's
            microblogging provenance question as a user story.
    4. Invited Guest Invitations
          + ACTION: hhalpin to contact eran to talk, also about LRDD
            and XRDS-Simple
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri to find someone from Opera to
            talk Widgets
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: danbri and karl to contact Evan of
   over OpenMicroblogging and W3C. Aim for July 15th
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION:Renato and DanBri and hhalpin to
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION:DKA to invite Lars or Eric from
            Geolocation API to W3C Social Web XG for context comm call
    5. Business of Social Networks
          + cperey and DKA on why being open is good for business.
    6. Social Network Matrix
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: hhalpin to retrieve top X social
            networking sites from the top 500 sites of Alexa
          + hhalpin got the beginning of an alexa-based [11]list of
            social networking sites, but needs help with foreign
            speakers to confirm suitability of some sites.
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: cperey to make list of top 30 to do
            profiles on, to merge with hhalpin's list on alexa
          + [CONTINUES] ACTION: karl to create the matrix to be filled
    7. Portability Task Force
          + To discuss the current [12]charter and deliverables of the
            portability task force

      [5] tel:+1.617.761.6200;postd=swxg
      [6] tel:+;postd=swxg
      [7] tel:+44.117.370.6152;postd=swxg

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