RE: Network Opacity Re: Breaches of Privacy are what will drive change

Hi Karl, 

> Yes exactly it's why we should not really talk about privacy 
> but tools to control data sharing and tools to give access to 
> data policies.

Are you proposing, for purpose of clarification, a change in the name of the
Privacy Task Force to "Personal (or Social) Data Sharing and Data Usage
Policies" Task Force?

> Privacy is then something which depends heavily on a cultural context.
> Most of the stories that we will get will have a very western 
> viewpoint.

What, if anything, can/needs to be done to adjust/alleviate this issue of
cultural bias? 

Will this cultural bias not always be an issue with user stories? 

We can hide/ignore it (maybe too late for that ;-) or try to address it. 

Can the SWXG directly call upon the people who run social networks in
Russia/Eastern Europe, China, Japan, South Africa today and request that
they provide user stories? or do we need to push the time when the issue is
addressed to another level (and write in the SWXG report recommend that the
Working Group must take some steps to expand or include other cultures)?

Or add yet another classification to the template? 

This leads down the very slippery slope of classifying cultures (e.g., on
user story A-D in the template Culture: "Very Western", on user story E-G in
the template Culture: "a little Western", on user story H-N in the template
Culture: Oppressed????)?


Received on Friday, 10 July 2009 07:38:29 UTC