Some thoughts on future of Social Web XG

Hopefully people have been enjoying the Social Web XG. We've had some
great invited speakers, and the wiki is literally overflowing with

However, we need to figure out how to transform those use-cases into
something that can underlie the rest of our deliverables. I'd suggest
that we, for each use-case, look to describe its functionality on some
level of abstraction. For example, does the use-case call for "Single
, multiple services", or "user-defined groups for privacy", or
"ability to download social networking data".
Of course, these use-cases can grow as the group does, and we should
idealy reference real-world cases.

Then, once we have those functionalities, we can check to see which of
the social networking sites in the social networking matrix can
fulfill them, This will serve as the basis of our technical

Lastly, after each invited speaker, it's *important* someone take an
action to write down a brief summary of what they said. Then, looking
at the final technical report and then the landscape provided by the
invited speakers, we'll have a good foundation for a draft of a final

Ideally, we'll want this extraction of functionalities from use-cases
and such done by end of Sept.

             Sound good?


Received on Tuesday, 28 July 2009 15:30:50 UTC