politics (Iran) and social media

I found the below articles on the Iranian government using Twitter/ 
Facebook as intelligence gathering tools very thought provoking.

"Are Iranian authorities more sophisticated than we think?"

Counter-Targeting The Protesters

(The above reminded me of "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" of the  
depiction of Tereza's distress and guilt when she realized her  
photographs of Spring revolution protestors were being used by  
authorities to identify and arrest people.)

I wondered about access/obfuscation methods - a way for dissidents to  
send pics/videos to sites which could automatically anonymize faces/ 
sender information, etc.   Though I see more prosaic less technical  
changes on the ground  too -  like protestors in Iran now more  
regularly covering their faces (though so are the government agents  
using violence), not carrying identification, etc.


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