RE: Invited Speakers: Topic # 4 of July 1 meeting agenda

> > I believe that without significantly more effort to pay attention to 
> > the needs of BUSINESSES, it is and will continue to be difficult to 
> > attract senior executives/thought leaders who are currently OPERATING 
> > commercial (set aside the matter of if they are successful or not) 
> > community services to speak to this group.

Harry replied: 
> Please notice that the composition of the XG, which you can 
> look at [3], is about one-third private sector businesses, 
> one-third academics, and one-third non-profits or independent 
> hackers. That, to me, is a pretty good mix.

Thanks for sending this link to the list. Let's do a quick comparison. 

I have not found any overlap between [1] and [2].

And if we doubled the number of services on the list #2 I don't think the
overlap would be greater.

> I'd like to see more mobile community operators involved, but 
> as an essentially voluntary group, we can't make anyone join 
> or participate.

The goal is to gain community operator influence when taking the SWXG
findings out to the world. 

It is not only mobile community operators which we would seek to have
involved. ANY community operators which consider operating the community of
consumers as their "central" business, and which other operators watch and
respect, would be excellent (I know that Boeing is a private company but
this is not an example of an industry influencer in this case).  

> If they can phrase what their needs are, it would be great to talk.
> Maybe just check back in after a few months?



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