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cant get XSV installed locally Hussein Suleman (Sunday, 1 April)

XSV, XSU changed to accommodate revised XML Schema PR draft Henry S. Thompson (Saturday, 31 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] is there any xml schema parser Henry S. Thompson (Saturday, 31 March)

How to define an element with attribute Wang K H (Friday, 30 March)

extension/restriction/group Forge (Thursday, 29 March)

Key and keyref in XSD Eddie Robertsson (Thursday, 29 March)

input data Frank Zhou (Wednesday, 28 March)

Occurs without restricting order Michael Erdmann (Wednesday, 28 March)

element substitutiongroups (fwd) forge@neonics.com (Wednesday, 28 March)

element substitutiongroups Forge (Wednesday, 28 March)

error in specifications? Forge (Wednesday, 28 March)

XML generator in C++ Pallavi Mahajan (Wednesday, 28 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] problems running schema validator Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 28 March)

XML Parser in C++ Pallavi Mahajan (Wednesday, 28 March)

[ANN] XML Schema comparison software available Robin LaFontaine (Tuesday, 27 March)

webMethods' XML Schema for XSLT 1.0 Asir S Vedamuthu (Tuesday, 27 March)

Q: abstract element with attribute Forge (Tuesday, 27 March)

What to do with CryptoBinary? Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Monday, 26 March)

Don't understand an error message from XSV Michael McLay (Sunday, 25 March)

[xmlschema-dev] <none> zongaro@ca.ibm.com (Thursday, 22 March)

Fwd: XENC use of ds:KeyInfo Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Wednesday, 21 March)

Unqualified type names in Schema documents without targetNamespace Bob Schloss (Tuesday, 20 March)

Canonical representation of float and double zongaro@ca.ibm.com (Tuesday, 20 March)

Lexical and canonical representations of dateTime, et al. zongaro@ca.ibm.com (Tuesday, 20 March)

Is this valid schema?? Ayalew Kassahun (Tuesday, 20 March)

XML Schema syntax for derivation by restriction Slein, Judith A (Monday, 19 March)

dateTime and pattern Elena Litani (Monday, 19 March)

details for checking the "cos-unambig" constraint Weber, Heiko (Monday, 19 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Inheritence Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 19 March)

Deriving a simple type from a complex type Simon Cox (Monday, 19 March)

pre-public-release announce of new XSV, XSU Henry S. Thompson (Saturday, 17 March)

The new specs are here! Bob Schloss (Saturday, 17 March)

recursive interleaving -- is it possible Ziv Hellman (Thursday, 15 March)

Empty content for Datatypes Elena Litani (Wednesday, 14 March)

Semantics of a list datatype derived from another list Walt Yao (Monday, 12 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Question about modelling Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 12 March)

Re: Simple question on elements constraints Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com (Sunday, 11 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Container elements with unvalidated content? Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 9 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Is xsd:anyType valid and official? Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 9 March)

Proposed UML Interest Group David Ezell (Friday, 9 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] how to model "at least one element ..." Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 9 March)

X3D use of schema to generate APIs Don Brutzman (Friday, 9 March)

constraints for non-deterministic constructs Weber, Heiko (Friday, 9 March)

[xmlschema-dev] <none> Ben Marchal (Mailing Lists) (Friday, 9 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Extending attributes Henry S. Thompson (Friday, 9 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Identity-constraint Henry S. Thompson (Thursday, 8 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Change scope of ID-Type Henry S. Thompson (Wednesday, 7 March)

reporting constraint violations Weber, Heiko (Tuesday, 6 March)

Re: Complex Type Definition Schema Component (Structures) Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com (Monday, 5 March)

Attribute Restriction Curtis Hatter (Monday, 5 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Thanks for http://www.w3.org/2000/09/webdata/xsv! Now how do I check an XML file? Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 5 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Choice group element Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 5 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] RE: Bug in XSV? Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 5 March)

Re: [Moderator Action] Re: Status of candidate recommendation Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 5 March)

Re: Bug in XSV? Henry S. Thompson (Monday, 5 March)

XHTML Schema generated from UML Dave Carlson (Monday, 5 March)

[THANK-YOU MESSAGE] Michael Anderson (Friday, 2 March)

assigning schema to appInfo elements Matt Brown (Friday, 2 March)

Are dangling refs legal? Roger L. Costello (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: Wrapping CSV format data in XML Martin Duerst (Thursday, 1 March)

RE: Canonical XML Schema Arnold, Curt (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: Microsoft Schema XML Parser for Java? Jeff Rafter (Thursday, 1 March)

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