RE: assigning schema to appInfo elements

> Specific applications may want to define specific requirements for the
> appInfo tag. If the appInfo tag could be partitioned with each partition
> having its own schema definition, applications could augment schema
> information with the assurance that the data conforms to a specific
> structure.

All done through namespaces. BTW, I did a presentation on this for XML 2000
that you can download at Also, I have an
article coming out on this for the May issue of XML Journal.

> Obviously XML Schema can't be everything to everyone. I had hoped (and it
> may still be possible) that XML Schema's appInfo would allow
> applications to
> define schema-based extensions to XML Schema's capabilities.

It does. You just need to find out how specific tools find and validate
schemas for multiple namespaces.

David Cleary
Progress Software

Received on Friday, 2 March 2001 09:26:07 UTC