RE: Canonical XML Schema


Thanks for this. The address has changed to:

but I tracked it down. Looks interesting (though I have not looked 
through in detail). A few questions arise:

1. It looks like you were stretching XSL to its limits! Would you 
advise that XSL is suitable for this type of work or would Java be 
better? Multi-pass seems an admission of defeat in some senses.

2. What was the driving purpose of this work? Note clear to me the 
purpose of the compilation - was it to do instance data validation?

3. Do you have any intention of updating to October CR for XML Schema?


At 12:51 AM -0700 3/1/01, Arnold, Curt wrote:
>In some ways, the "compiled" output from the XSDComp project at 
>SourceForge ( would fit your 
>description.  It has been stagnant since the April draft, but I've 
>had some
>interest in reviving it as part of an XSD -> Schematron converter.

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