Re: Don't understand an error message from XSV

Michael McLay <> writes:

> I am working with IPC ( on the development of schema.  
> The first project is a set of schemas that define a file format for 
> exchanging design information of printed circuit board and printed circuit 
> assembly products.  About half of the 20+ schemas have been completed.  
> I've found the Primer to be most helpful, but some of the terminology used in 
> the "XML Schema Part 1: Structures" has been difficult to interpret.  I am 
> currently stumped by an error message from the XSV that has something to do 
> with the document root.  A search through Part 1 describes the root document 
> in the context of ID and IDREF.  I have no ID or IDREF definitions in my 
> document. The documentation is not helping in understanding what is 
> considered incorrect in an XML Schema and XML instance file.  


>   Attempt to import a schema document from   
> for
>, failed

This is the crux of your problem -- 2511B.01.xsd is not a valid schema 
per the new PR spec, it uses the wrong namespace.  If you go back to
the older validator [1] you will get a more appropriate service.
Alternatively, use [2] to forward-convert your old schemas.


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