Re: assigning schema to appInfo elements

Eddie Robertsson <> writes:

> Sorry, to be a pain about this I just really want to understand how
> this works and while the above fixed my problem I still can't get
> XSV to validate the data in appinfo properly. In the file part.xsd
> [1] I have specified the element allowed in the xsd:appinfo element
> (sch:pattern). However if I change the test.xsd [2] schema so that
> the xsd:appinfo element contain the element sch:p instead, XSV still
> validates this without error. Am I doing something wrong here?
> ...again ;-(

Validation in appinfo is lax, which means that if it can't find a
declaration it doesn't complain.  Try leaving sch:pattern in place,
but change sch:rule to something invalid, and you should get a complaint.

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