Semantics of a list datatype derived from another list


I am new to the list.  I've been looking through the archive but didn't find
anything on this topic.  Please accept my apology if this has been discussed

I am implementing a Schema parser w.r.t the 24/10/2000 version, and I run 
into a problem with the definition of a list datatype.  As specified in 5.1.2, 
"a list
datatype must be derived from an atomic or a list datatype, know as the 
of the list...".  Does this means that the value for the attribute "itemType" 
can be
a list type?  If so, what is the semantics of the derived list?  For example, 
the following definitions,

    <simpleType name='listOfFloat'>
        <list itemType='float'/>

    <simpleType name='listOfListOfFloat'>
       <list itemType='listOfFloat'/>

Does this imply the 'real' itemType of listOfListOfFloat is in fact 'float', 
i.e. it's just
identical to listOfFloat?  Or is the datatype listOfListOfFloat is simply not 
a valid type?

Please help clarify.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Received on Monday, 12 March 2001 13:18:04 UTC