XML Parser in C++

My problem statement is:
I have an XML schema file, and corresponding to that schema file, some
input data
given to me. I need to create an XML file for the given set of data.
i.e., for each set of
data, one XML file needs to be created.
For this I need an XML parser, which parses the schema, and creates a
DOM sort of
tree, which is a global structure, so that whenever I get a set of data,
I simply
instantiate a skeleton of the global tree, fill it with the given data
values, n then create
an XML file out of this tree.

I've tried Apache's XML-DOM Parser, but using that I can create a DOM
tree for the
XML schema, but am not able to create a skeleton tree out of it, and
fill it with some
valid values. i.e., there are no APIs for setting the values of the

Can you help me with this problem. Else help me find some other parser
which has
APIs for setting values of nodes.



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Received on Wednesday, 28 March 2001 00:28:48 UTC