Re: Semantics of a list datatype derived from another list

> Walt Yao <> writes:
> > Hi,
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> > I am new to the list.  I've been looking through the archive but didn't find
> > anything on this topic.  Please accept my apology if this has been discussed
> > before.
> > 
> > I am implementing a Schema parser w.r.t the 24/10/2000 version, and
> > I run into a problem with the definition of a list datatype.  As
> > specified in 5.1.2, "a list datatype must be derived from an atomic
> > or a list datatype, know as the itemType of the list...".
> That's a known typo, will be corrected to 'atomic or _union_
> datatype'.
> Re another reply, you can include a list in a union, but that still
> doesn't allow  a list of lists -- a union used as the item type of a
> list can't contain any lists.
> ht
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Thanks for the clarification that so many of you have given.  I apologised that
I didn't look more carefully in the mailing about this topic earlier on.


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