Re: Semantics of a list datatype derived from another list

Walt Yao wrote:

> I am implementing a Schema parser w.r.t the 24/10/2000 version, and I run
> into a problem with the definition of a list datatype.  As specified in 5.1.2,
> "a list datatype must be derived from an atomic or a list datatype, know as the
> itemType of the list...".

There seem to be an ambiguity here between the Primer and XML Schema Part 2:
Datatypes. In the primer it says (2.3.1 List Types):

"In addition to using the built-in list types, you can create new list types by
derivation from existing atomic types. (You cannot create list types from existing
list types, nor from complex types.)"

So, which is correct? Can a list datatype be derived from both atomic and list
datatypes or only from atomic datatypes?


Received on Tuesday, 13 March 2001 01:02:55 UTC