RE: Proposed UML Interest Group

Sergey Melnik wrote:
> I'd like to support your initiative. In addition to the 
> applications you
> mentioned, I see UML as well-established schema language that can be
> used on the Semantic Web along with RDF Schema, XML Schema, 
> DAML-O etc.
> Webizing UML allows leveraging a broad spectrum of tools and existing
> UML schemas. I while ago I took a crack [1] at setting up UML 
> on top of
> RDF and making it interoperate with other schema languages.

I also think UML has great potential as an ontology language for the
Semantic Web.   I have done some work on translating UML class diagrams
to an RDF schema and corresponding Java classes with marshalling support,
allowing information to be marshalled and unmarshalled between UML
object diagrams (represented as networks of Java objects) and an RDF
serialisation format.

I have a couple of papers describing this work:

S. Cranefield,
Networked Knowledge Representation and Exchange using UML and RDF,
Journal of Digital Information, 1(8), 2001
(This requires free registration at before
the article can be accessed)

S. Cranefield,
UML and the Semantic Web,
Discussion Paper 2001/04, Department of Information Science,
University of Otago, 2001

- Stephen

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