Re: assigning schema to appInfo elements

"Henry S. Thompson" wrote:

> When I tried your example, I had to fix two problems:
> 1)   throughout, not valid UTF-8 (that's probably courtesy of
>     your mailer);

Sorry about this. In the future I'll just post a link to the file instead.

> 2) XSV DTD-validates all schemas, and this was barfing on Test.xsd --
> didn't you see the error message?

Still struggling with the error messages. I understod that something was failing
in test.xsd I just didn't realise what. I just copied the example you posted and
didn't realise I needed to declare the extra attributes. Thanks for that!

 <!ENTITY % appinfoAttrs 'xsi:schemaLocation CDATA #IMPLIED
                           xmlns:xsi CDATA #IMPLIED'>

Sorry, to be a pain about this I just really want to understand how this works
and while the above fixed my problem I still can't get XSV to validate the data
in appinfo properly. In the file part.xsd [1] I have specified the element
allowed in the xsd:appinfo element (sch:pattern). However if I change the
test.xsd [2] schema so that the xsd:appinfo element contain the element sch:p
instead, XSV still validates this without error. Am I doing something wrong
here? ...again ;-(



Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2001 19:54:36 UTC