Re: Wrapping CSV format data in XML

Mike_Leditschke writes:

>> Are there any limits on the size of the string? 
>> I'm looking about 1Mb of CSV data per document, 
>> so would end up with a single string element
>> containing about 1Mb of text.

No limits.  With rare exceptions, XML schema avoids putting fixed bounds 
on sizes, numbers, etc.  The model is that limitations imposed by 
particular processors are modeled in the same way that one tends to 
consider a variety of resource limitations, such as "disk full" in a file 
system.  Think of a programming language like C or Java.  There is nothing 
in the language that says "your source code must be less than 10 MB", but 
there probably is some program size at which your compiler or run-time 
would choke due to lack of resources.  Formally, if your processor gives 
up future resource constraints, the schema specification presumes that 
there has not in fact been an assessment (validation) episode, just as 
your programming language would probably not consider a compilation to 
have taken place if the compiler gives up halfway through. 

I would consider an implementation that had trouble with sizes anywhere 
near as small as1 MB to be very badly broken, except perhaps if running on 
a very small device (cellphone, wristwatch, etc.).  You should be fine.

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Received on Monday, 5 March 2001 11:01:11 UTC