Re: Current Status of XSV: shadowing of elementFormDefault

"Roger L. Costello" <> writes:

> I was recently pointed to an interesting item on the web page for the
> current status of XSV.  It states: 
> "Handle shadowing of e.g. elementFormDefault in <include>d schemas
> correctly"
> Can someone please tell me what this means?  It seems to be saying that
> the value of elementFormDefault in an including schema overrides
> (shadows) the value of elementFormDefault in the schema that it is
> including.  As far as I know, a schema's elementFormDefault is never
> overridden (shadowed) by another schema.  Can someone explain this
> please?  /Roger

Other way 'round -- the declaration in the include_d_ schema overrides
that in the includ_ing_ schema.  Sorry if 'shadow' was a misleading
word to use.

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