Re: Wrapping CSV format data in XML

Thanks for the reply.

Whilst the purists may wince, we've decided not to mark up the
CSV data at all at this stage, but include a tag like your <CSV>
to allow a choice in the future of fully markup up data as opposed to CSV.

Are there any limits on the size of the string? I'm looking about 1Mb of
CSV data per document, so would end up with a single string element
containing about 1Mb of text.


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Mike_Leditschke writes:

>> We have a need to wrapper data in CSV format in XML.

Obviously it depends on your needs (performance, etc.), but many XML
purists would suggests that the best use of XML would be to express with
explicit markup.

data1, data2



As with all XML, its verbose, but you get the benefit of XML tooling,
stylesheets, database integration, etc.

If you really want to encode the string form, and don't have oddball
character set requirements, you should note that the default value of the
whitespace facet for the XML schemas string data type is preserve:  in
that data type, carriage returns will be preserved.  (Of course, since
you've sent to a schemas list, I'm giving you a schema-based answer.)

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