[ANN] XML Schema comparison software available

Tracking updates and changes to schemas can become a problem, but a 
comparator is now available to help in this task.

Monsell's DeltaXML XML Schema software compares XML Schema files 
taking into account the fact that elements, attributes etc. can be in 
any order. So only significant changes are identified - even down to 
ignoring a change in the order of a 'choice' item, ... but a change 
in a 'sequence' is identified.

To download a free trial version, go to 
http://www.deltaxml.com/prod-xmlschema-1000.html (October 2000 
Candidate Recommendation) or 
http://www.deltaxml.com/prod-xmlschema-0400.html (April 2000 version).

The free trial version works for small schemas. If you want a full 
trial for larger schemas let me know and I will provide an evaluation 

If you have data files to compare, DeltaXML Markup will compare any 
XML files and identify changes for you, representing these changes in 
XML of course. See http://www.deltaxml.com/deltaxml_markup.html

Feedback from those on this list about how we can meet your XML 
comparison needs is always welcome.

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Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2001 09:34:59 UTC