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Re: [jena-dev] Re: OWL subLanguage Determination Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 30 January)

Test updated files Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 30 January)

term "datatype map" in new para Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 30 January)

MINUTES - Telecon of January 29 Jim Hendler (Thursday, 29 January)

Changes to S&AS Ian Horrocks (Thursday, 29 January)

Belated regrets Smith, Michael K (Thursday, 29 January)

please review staging drafts Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 29 January)

Requirements doc Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 29 January)

ACTION annotations / update of Reference Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 29 January)

Proposal to obsolete test misc-205 (Full) Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 28 January)

Regrets, 29/1 Sean Bechhofer (Wednesday, 28 January)

Testimonial examples Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 28 January)

Testimonial Guidelines for OWL Recommendation Announcement Janet Daly (Tuesday, 27 January)

Agenda and Logistics - WOWG telecon 1/29 Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 27 January)

Important announcement re 1/29 telecon Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 27 January)

[Fwd: Re: OWL Web Ontology Language Overview Editorial Comments]; followup; and regrets for thurs Deborah L. McGuinness (Tuesday, 27 January)

-request Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

WCCW2004 Call for Papers: First International Workshop on Web Computing in Cyberworlds Baowen Xu (Tuesday, 27 January)

Proposed response to: OWL Web Ontology Language Reference Editorial Comments Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 22 January)

references format Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 21 January)

CFP: EKAW 2004 - 14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Management E.Motta (Monday, 19 January)

OWL support message Jack Berkowitz (Monday, 19 January)

XMLLiteral in OWL herman.ter.horst@philips.com (Monday, 19 January)

[Fwd: rdf:RDF element is optional] Guus Schreiber (Monday, 19 January)

important - testimonials for OWL Recommendation Jim Hendler (Friday, 16 January)

MINUTES WebOnt telecon 15/02/2004 Jerome Euzenat (Friday, 16 January)

RE: editor's drafts, going forward Smith, Michael K (Thursday, 15 January)

Re: Proposed minor editorial change to OWL Test Jeremy Carroll (Thursday, 15 January)

pointer fix Deborah L. McGuinness (Thursday, 15 January)

OWL PR review - need your support Jim Hendler (Thursday, 15 January)

RE: Wine ontology still broken Smith, Michael K (Wednesday, 14 January)

Re: minimizing the textual changes to RDF semantics Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 14 January)

AGENDA telecon Jan 15 Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 14 January)

Proposed changes to RDF semantics document Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 13 January)

Proposal to add a sentence to S&AS herman.ter.horst@philips.com (Tuesday, 13 January)

Fwd: Wine ontology still broken Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 13 January)

Annotation properties - a thought Jim Hendler (Monday, 12 January)

CFP: ECAI 2004 Workshop on Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities Rubén Lara (Friday, 9 January)

minor bug with S&AS 4.2 Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 9 January)

TR: [protege-discussion] Re: sufficient or equivalent? Bernard Vatant (Thursday, 8 January)

no telecon this week Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 7 January)

Job Opportunity - DERi-KM Ying Ding (Wednesday, 7 January)

Gaspart's Comments Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 5 January)

Fwd: "Transitive over" properties Jim Hendler (Sunday, 4 January)

FYI personal review of QA stuff Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 2 January)

Replies to QA WG Jim Hendler (Friday, 2 January)

Important - AC members and voting! Jim Hendler (Thursday, 1 January)

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