Re: term "datatype map" in new para

This sort of confusion is there in section 3, where key terms such as 
entailment and consistent end up with two hyperlinks.

e.g. in section 3.2 the brackets at the end link to OWL Full entailment.

We certainly could have done better editorially, but these terms from the 
   datatype map
   model theory
are all defined twice: once for the direct and once for OWL Full.
The Test document tries to follow S&AS by giving preference to the OWL DL 
terms, except when specifically talking about Full.

If you sufficiently prefer just unlinked plain text "datatype map" (and 
dropping the ref to RDF Semantics) then I am happy enough with that - but I 
don't think it reduces the confusion - the term meant is the one in RDF 
Semantics, and it is probably clearer to be explicit. But let me know very 


Ian Horrocks wrote:

> It seems a little strange and possibly confusing that datatype map is
> inconsistently hyperlinked - in several other places in the same
> section it is linked to S&AS.
> Ian
> On January 30, Jeremy Carroll writes:
>>FYI ...
>>- I've added a (normative) reference to RDF Semantics from OWL Test in order 
>>to hyperlink the term "datatype map" from the new paragraph. This is 
>>editorial since OWL Test has a normative ref to OWL S&AS which has a 
>>normative ref to RDF Semantics and normative ref is transitive.
>><a href="">
>>datatype map</a>  of an 
>><a href="#dfn-OWL-Full-consistency-checker">OWL Full consistency checker</a> 
>>MUST also support
>><code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code></a> from <%=ref("RDF Concepts")%>, 
>> see <%=ref("RDF Semantics")%>.
>>Without the ref to RDF Semantics I can't use the URI 
>>Other uses of the term "datatype map" in Test are hyperlinked into the direct 
>>semantics. This particular usage cannot be hyperlinked into the direct 
>>semantics since it is only a Full paragraph. 
>>One option, was to leave this term unlinked, on consideration I thought that 
>>was less clear. Particularly, since we may be less than explicit that we are 
>>seeing the two "datatype maps" (direct and RDFS compatible) as corresponding, 
>>which is now fairly clearly implicit in Test section 4.2.2 and the 
>>correspondence theorem in S&AS.

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