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Subject: rdf:RDF element is optional
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According to the section 2.6 of the RDF/XML syntax
specification[1], the top elment - rdf:RDF - of an RDF
document can be omitted if there's only one top-level
element inside rdf:RDF.

In correspondence to this, the following sentence stated
in the section 2.1 of [2] should be revised.
Here's my try:

[The Original Sentence]
"As with any RDF document, the OWL code should be
subelements of an rdf:RDF element."

[A Revised Sentence]
"As with most RDF documents, the OWL code should be
subelements of an rdf:RDF element. But in the case of OWL
codes with only one top-level element, rdf:RDF element
can be omitted."

Minsu Jang

[1] RDF/XML Syntax Specification
[2] OWL Web Ontology Language Reference

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