Re: references, drafts, staging

> [OWL Abstract Syntax and Semantics]

> Test should be ready today sometime ....

in the editors draft area.

I am still using the generating code - so I first got it to be as close as I 
could to the current staging area, and then started modifiying it.

I think the following details might be worth pointing out to Sandro ...

1) The Prepublication warning style instruction is in all the html files, the 
warning itself is in Overview M L and XXL

2) I added an xml:space="preserve" to the <style> element, since you had put 
it into the Overview. This is now in all the html files.

3) There is nothing in the zip that depends on the document URL.

4) The big manifest does have a couple of instances of the document URL in it 
(somewhat unfortunate, but that manifest style was never very nice, but 


(I'll do a pubrules check and a link check etc. might end up doing another 

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