Re: term "datatype map" in new para

It seems a little strange and possibly confusing that datatype map is
inconsistently hyperlinked - in several other places in the same
section it is linked to S&AS.


On January 30, Jeremy Carroll writes:
> FYI ...
> - I've added a (normative) reference to RDF Semantics from OWL Test in order 
> to hyperlink the term "datatype map" from the new paragraph. This is 
> editorial since OWL Test has a normative ref to OWL S&AS which has a 
> normative ref to RDF Semantics and normative ref is transitive.
> [[
> The 
> <a href="">
> datatype map</a>  of an 
> <a href="#dfn-OWL-Full-consistency-checker">OWL Full consistency checker</a> 
> MUST also support
> <a 
> href="">
> <code>rdf:XMLLiteral</code></a> from <%=ref("RDF Concepts")%>, 
>  see <%=ref("RDF Semantics")%>.
> ]]
> Without the ref to RDF Semantics I can't use the URI 
> Other uses of the term "datatype map" in Test are hyperlinked into the direct 
> semantics. This particular usage cannot be hyperlinked into the direct 
> semantics since it is only a Full paragraph. 
> One option, was to leave this term unlinked, on consideration I thought that 
> was less clear. Particularly, since we may be less than explicit that we are 
> seeing the two "datatype maps" (direct and RDFS compatible) as corresponding, 
> which is now fairly clearly implicit in Test section 4.2.2 and the 
> correspondence theorem in S&AS.
> Jeremy

Received on Friday, 30 January 2004 04:45:11 UTC