RE: editor's drafts, going forward

One more thing to note, re changes.  There are a number of copyright
occurrences that need to be changed to 2004.  I am assuming that will be the
editors job, since they are not all obvious, e.g. some show up as 

Copyright © 2003
Copyright  2003

- Mike

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Subject: editor's drafts, going forward

I made the expected changes to the drafts for PR, and I've made a few
more in preparation for the next release (hopefully REC), mostly
things to help publication be easier.  (For instance, intermediate
"STAGE" URIs to,  "31 December 2099" as the publication date, 
and the "editor's draft" announcement is standardized.  I also made
that announcement ridiculously prominent to balance to use of the REC
style sheet.) 

So the current versions are in

Please use these for your editor's drafts going forward, or let me
know if this causes any difficulty.  Once you've copied these to your
"editor's draft" locations, I'll start copying changes made there back
to WebOnt/TR, so we can all see and verify the documents in one stable
place, all able to link to each other.  This may or may not save work,
but I think it will significantly reduce the risk of errors being
introduced during publication.

Meanwhile, for the next version I think we'll want: 
    - an updated bibliography (with a consistent reference format for
      RDF Core and OWL documents)
    - a change log since PR (with the id "changes-since-PR" please),
      even if it just says "none"

Plus, of course, all the substantive changes we make.  :-)  [that's a joke]

(RDF Core has been using something a bit like this already; I'll send
something to RDF Core editors about this soon.)

      -- sandro

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