Important - AC members and voting!

WOWGers - Happy New Year to those of you using the Gregorian 
calendar.  Just a reminder that time ticks on with the count down of 
our Proposed Recommendation.   Things are going okay so far, but slow 
(not really surprising) - however, please feel free to contact your 
AC reps and make sure they know how much time and effort you (and 
thus your organization)  have put into helping to design OWL, and 
feel free to express your encouragement to them to respond to the 
call for review.
  If you're not sure who the AC representative for your organization 
is, there is a list (members only) at
   Remember, every organization large or small, industrial or 
research, is welcome to submit
   There's a few weeks left (Jan 19 is final date for reviews) but no 
use waiting till the last minute :->
p.s. Review form for AC reps is at

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Received on Thursday, 1 January 2004 14:17:07 UTC