FYI personal review of QA stuff

I completed my personal review of the QA Framework which ended up with a 
significantly wider scope (more than 7 documents) than WebOnt had been asked 
to implement and review (one document).

If you are interested it is:

I was particularly disturbed by their many process failures, which are 
(partially) listed at the very end of the review.

I draw DanC's attention to an earlier comment of his (April 2003) on SpecGL 
last call. His last words were "I'm not satisfied". This comment was not 
listed when advancing SpecGL to CR. 
The comment concerned breaching RFC 2119 para 6 and is, in my view, of very 
wide applicability to the QAF.


(IMO this was the worst process failure)


Received on Friday, 2 January 2004 11:39:48 UTC