Re: XMLLiteral in OWL

 From my chair's perspective, I think we can explore any option that 
is commensurate with process (i.e. we can make a recommendation to 
the Director to do any of these things) - however, I do think it is 
important, given the timing and current status, that we reach a 
consensus or decision tomorrow.  As such, I am letting the WG know 
now (24 hours in advance of the telecon, as per process) that I am 
reserving the right to call for a vote on these changes if we cannot 
reach consensus on what to do in some other way.  I hope this will 
not be needed, but please be aware it is on the table as an option.

At 17:28 +0100 1/28/04, wrote:
>The proposal by Ian [1], rephrased today by Jeremy [2], to
>obsolete the Full version of test 205, indeed seems to
>describe the minimal way to solve the problem noted
>in connection with XMLLiteral in OWL.
>Three further changes were also proposed [3] in connection
>with this problem, which are purely editorial, and which
>make explicit and clarify points which would otherwise
>seem to be very difficult to note for an unguided reader of
>the OWL documents.
>In the interest of the clarity of the spec, on behalf
>of Philips I hereby repeat the proposal to make
>also these three further changes:
>- see the first two changes precisely described by Jeremy
>in [4];
>- add a sentence just before Section 5.1 of S&AS that in
>case XMLLiteral is not in the datatype map, the direct
>semantics takes precedence over the RDF-based semantics.
>See [3] for more background.
>Jeremy [5] wrote as follows about making only the minimal
>change of [1] and [2]:
>>I would be happy with Ians suggestions, although I suspect most readers
>>would miss the implicit requirement. There is an explicit requirement to
>>list the supported datatypes which I think is the key defence against
>>surprising interoperability problems.

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