important - testimonials for OWL Recommendation

  As discussed on yesterday's telecon (see [1]) it is typical at the 
W3C that when documents move to Recommendation, a press release 
accompanied by a set of testimonials are released at the same time. 
A very good example of this can be seen at [2] which announces that 
CC/PP is a Recommendation, and which is linked to the testimonials at:
in which about 1/2 dozen organizations say why it is so great. 
Reporters looking for info are directed to those testimonials.   The 
"free advertising" that comes with these testimonials is also an 
important benefit to being a member of the W3C.

  Your member organizations are obvious candidates for submitting OWL 
testimonials.  If you're interested in doing so, here's three easy 
ways to go
  1 - in the comments section of the WBS call for review for OWL [3], 
your AC rep can say you are interested in doing a testimonial and 
include some text - if they've already sent in the form, they can add 
this and resubmit
  2 - someone from your organization can send mail to Dan Connolly 
expressing interest in doing a testimonial and including a draft - 
Dan will work make sure there is appropriate followon
  3 - someone who wants more information, but isn't ready with text 
yet can contact me, and if I can't answer, I'll direct them to the 
right W3C folks who can.

  By the way, notice that this is not just for those of you working at 
companies developing products-- while it will be great if IBM wants 
to mention SNObase, HP promote Jena or Network Inference to discuss 
Cerebra, etc., it's also fine if some organizations wishes to say "we 
think ontologies are important because ... and OWL will help bring 
this to fruition"  or for some University group to promote their use 
of the technology (c.f. "The CS AKTive project, which won the ISWC 
Semantic Web challenge, uses an OWL ontology to ..." Univ. of 
  Also, feel free to encourage other W3C members you know to consider 
testimonials as well...


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