Re: minor bug with S&AS 4.2

Jeremy Carroll wrote:

> I attach the test data as a zip.
> Summary of results.

The tests and results are now clearer at:

The description omits the namespace (rdf: rdfs: or owl:).

My understanding is that the Jena results are correct except for those for 
tests involving rdf:_2 where there is often a bug. e.g.

  the lines from the table:

imports as ObjectProperty Full Lite FULL


_2 as OntologyProperty Lite Unknown FULL

consider the test graphs:
owl:imports rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty .
rdf:_2 rdf:type owl:OntologyProperty .

Jena and Wonderweb correctly identify the first as Full.

WonderWeb correctly finds the second as full.
(Pellet gets close - with an error message of some sort), Jena is wrong.

Clicking on any of the descriptions gives you the test data (I have used 
xml:base in the test area merely to work better with my test harness).


Received on Thursday, 15 January 2004 14:10:02 UTC