Proposal to add a sentence to S&AS

To ensure that the content of S&AS is unaffected
by a small correction to the RDF Semantics document
considered by RDF Core [1], I propose to add a 
sentence to S&AS.
This sentence makes the description in any case somewhat 
more explicit. 
It is true and remains true also when RDF Core does not 
incorporate the revision, and it does not change the 
design of OWL.

Here is the sentence, to be added to the end of the
second paragraph of Section 5.2
(this is the paragraph beginning with "From the 
RDF Semantics [RDF MT]..." and ending with
"... must be subsets of LVI"):

   "For each pair <E,d> in D, it is assumed that 
    SI(E)=d and that CEXTI(d)=V(d)."



Received on Tuesday, 13 January 2004 11:12:38 UTC