Re: please review staging drafts

> One funny in owl-semantics-semantics-all.html - the table
> "Characteristics of OWL classes, datatypes, and properties" in Section
> 5 is showing some non-existent differences. This doesn't show up in
> the compound document version, and I assume it is just a minor glitch in
> the comparison (maybe white space or something).

In case you're curious: it's showing an encoding change, from the
single character at code point 215 to the character string "×",
which should have the same affect on browsers, but is independent of
the encoding of the document.  ("tidy" with the "-n" option does this
transformation.)  On some of the documents I used that approach; then
I switched to using UTF-8 via "iconv".

> Of course we are still engaged in a debate about some minor changes
> requested by Herman and Jeremy, but I hope that this will be resolved
> in this evening's teleconf.


    -- sandro

Received on Thursday, 29 January 2004 10:52:33 UTC