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belated Regrets for 28 March Telecon Ziv Hellman (Sunday, 31 March)

Admin: Notes Telecon 28 March Stefan Decker (Saturday, 30 March)

REQUEST: survey of available ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, lexicons? Leo Obrst (Friday, 29 March)

Belated Regrets 3/28 Telecon Thompson, Lynne R (Thursday, 28 March)

LANG: Is a non-RDF triples syntax out of charter? Jeff Heflin (Thursday, 28 March)

TEST/SEM: sem-intersection test Dan Connolly (Thursday, 28 March)

ADMIN: Regrets for March 28 Telecon Said Tabet (Thursday, 28 March)

AGENDA: A'dam ftf (draft) Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 27 March)

Regrets for 28 March Teleconf Jonathan Dale (Wednesday, 27 March)

AGENDA: telecon Mar 28 Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 27 March)

regrets for tomorrow's telecon Leo Obrst (Wednesday, 27 March)

ADMIN: Regrets for 2002-03-28 telecon Nick Gibbins (Wednesday, 27 March)

ALL: WG schedule Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 27 March)

ADMIN: Face to Face Agenda Update (final agenda Delayed) Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 27 March)

SEM: Formalization exercise Smith, Michael K (Tuesday, 26 March)

comments on OWL-lite: meaning of 'required' values Dan Brickley (Tuesday, 26 March)

RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised) 2002-03-25 (fwd) Dan Brickley (Monday, 25 March)

Amsterdam ftf agenda in progress Dan Connolly (Monday, 25 March)

RDF vs. OWL interpretations Jonathan Borden (Monday, 25 March)

WOWG: IMPORTANT - name issue Jim Hendler (Sunday, 24 March)

LANG: A proposal for the layering problem Jeff Heflin (Friday, 22 March)

LANG: feedback on owl proposal Enrico Motta (Friday, 22 March)

LANG: OWL non-xml syntax Jonathan Borden (Saturday, 23 March)

LANG/GUIDE: XML.com article on DAML [sic] Jim Hendler (Friday, 22 March)

LANG: RDF Striped syntax, a reference Jonathan Borden (Friday, 22 March)

LANG: Nested Class definitions and the RDF striped syntax Jonathan Borden (Friday, 22 March)

Regrets Stefan Decker (Thursday, 21 March)

Regrets for 21 Mar Teleconf Jonathan Dale (Thursday, 21 March)

SEM: semantics for current proposal Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Thursday, 21 March)

MISC: Workshop on Semantic Web in Design and Engineering ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 21 March)

AGENDA: Agenda/Logistics March 21 (please ignore previous) Jim Hendler (Thursday, 21 March)

[www-webont-wg] <none> Jim Hendler (Thursday, 21 March)

WSCL "well-formerdness" concept Hugo Haas (Wednesday, 20 March)

RE: Unasserted triples, Contexts and things that go bump in the night. Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 20 March)

AGENDA: pre-agenda for 3/21 telecon Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 20 March)

Regrets for F2F - Stanton - DOD Stanton, John (Tuesday, 19 March)

WOWG: first language proposal Frank van Harmelen (Tuesday, 19 March)

Regrets for 3/21 Telecon Thompson, Lynne R (Monday, 18 March)

SEM: Integrating XML Schema and OWL Jonathan Borden (Monday, 18 March)

LANG: collections Jonathan Borden (Monday, 18 March)

GUIDE: Ontology for a simple XML Infoset Jonathan Borden (Monday, 18 March)

MISC: side event of A'dam ftf Guus Schreiber (Friday, 15 March)

ADMIN: Modified Minutes from Teleconf, 14 Mar 2002 (Review) Smith, Michael K (Friday, 15 March)

SEM Solipsistic answers to Peter's entailments and Paradox Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 15 March)

SEM DESIDERATA: my initial desiderata list Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Thursday, 14 March)

Moving forward Jonathan Borden (Thursday, 14 March)

ADMIN: Minutes from Teleconf, 14 Mar 2002 (Review) Smith, Michael K (Thursday, 14 March)

ADMIN: regrets Said Tabet (Thursday, 14 March)

LANG: Example ontology declaring XML Schema equivalence Jonathan Borden (Thursday, 14 March)

LANG: owl:Ontology Jonathan Borden (Thursday, 14 March)

Requirements Document -was- Re: GUIDE: examples Evan Wallace (Wednesday, 13 March)

ADMIN: probable regrets Leo Obrst (Wednesday, 13 March)

ADMIN: agenda/logistics Mar 14 Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 13 March)

SEM: informal note on the layering landscape Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 13 March)

TEST categorize test suites Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 13 March)

GUIDE: examples Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 12 March)

USE CASES: science applications Jonathan Borden (Tuesday, 12 March)

LANG,GUIDE: Using XQuery types to specify XML valued datatype properties Jonathan Borden (Tuesday, 12 March)

Good news! Jeff Heflin (Friday, 8 March)

RE: LANG: first sketch & TEST abstract syntax Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 8 March)

ADMIN: minutes for Mar 7 telecon Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Thursday, 7 March)

LANG: frame paradigm Ora Lassila (Thursday, 7 March)

TEST: sameGuy: pls report results from software you develop/use Dan Connolly (Thursday, 7 March)

TEST: maybe if/then is clearer than consistency? (more on sameGuy) Dan Connolly (Thursday, 7 March)

http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/projects/dql/ Deborah McGuinness (Thursday, 7 March)

LANG: collect idiom for inclusion in the language Raphael Volz (Thursday, 7 March)

DAML query language ruediger.klein@daimlerchrysler.com (Thursday, 7 March)

ADMIN: updated agenda Mar 7 Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 7 March)

an owl use/test case: sameGuy thru UnambigousProperty Dan Connolly (Thursday, 7 March)

LANG: first sketch Frank van Harmelen (Thursday, 7 March)

ADMIN: current focus group primaries Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 6 March)

requirements document publication in progress Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 6 March)

Re: ADMIN: Sign up please larry.eshelman@philips.com (Wednesday, 6 March)

WOWG: TEST: 2nd draft message Jos De_Roo (Wednesday, 6 March)

RE: WOWG: Charter issues (was RE: RE: parseType="daml:list" doesn 't cut it) Smith, Michael K (Wednesday, 6 March)

ADMIN: updates to 28 Feb minutes Frank van Harmelen (Wednesday, 6 March)

TEST draft message Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 6 March)

ADMIN: agenda/logistics Mar 7 Guus Schreiber (Wednesday, 6 March)

Re: Requirements document herman.ter.horst@philips.com (Wednesday, 6 March)

TEST: first deliverables Jeremy Carroll (Tuesday, 5 March)

Requirements Document back online Raphael Volz (Tuesday, 5 March)

Re: Layering on what? was: Re: more on a same-syntax extension from RDF(S) to OWL Jos De_Roo (Tuesday, 5 March)

Focus are summary Jim Hendler (Tuesday, 5 March)

ISSUES: First draft of open issues document. Smith, Michael K (Monday, 4 March)

subgroup telecons? Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 4 March)

REQDOC: Title change? Jeff Heflin (Monday, 4 March)

LANG: language features larry.eshelman@philips.com (Monday, 4 March)

I would like to participate in language features Dieter Fensel (Monday, 4 March)

ADMIN: Minutes of teleconf 28 Feb '02 (for review) Frank van Harmelen (Monday, 4 March)

ADMIN: Sign Up Please Jim Hendler (Sunday, 3 March)

QUERY, MISC: Definition of Provenance? Leo Obrst (Saturday, 2 March)

TEST: entailment test cases Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 2 March)

more on a same-syntax extension from RDF(S) to OWL Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 1 March)

TEST: RE: Next steps (Action: all) Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 1 March)

TEST: first steps Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 1 March)

WOWG: Consensus, subgroups, and e-mail tags Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 1 March)

Re: semantics: layering...? [was: Next steps (Action: all)] Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 1 March)

how to proceed with building OWL [was Re: semantics: layering ...] Peter F. Patel-Schneider (Friday, 1 March)

Apologies for 2002-03-07 telecon Nick Gibbins (Friday, 1 March)

Re: Next steps (Action: all) Frank van Harmelen (Friday, 1 March)

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