LANG: Example ontology declaring XML Schema equivalence

I have created short OWL and 2 XML Schema examples for the proposed:
owl:seq, owl:set, and owl:oneOf elements (attached). The goal is to
syntactically represent the "this-example.xsd" and "that-example.xsd"
schemas in OWL, defining <samePropertyAs> (perhaps <sameClassAs>?) between
schema types. A smart piece of software should be able to write an
information preserving (i.e. roundtrippable) transform between documents
schema valid with respect to the two schemas. An inferencing engine should
be able to prove that this is possible given a properly written ontology (I
do not claim that this is properly written, rather pose an example of how
the language elements may be used to solve a specific problem).

Generally the idea is that is syntactic schemas can be described in OWL,
then properly placed equivalences would allow determine that documents
contain the same "information items".


Received on Wednesday, 13 March 2002 20:27:22 UTC