LANG/GUIDE: article on DAML [sic]

I just saw the second DAML article by Roxane Ouellet and Uche Ogbuji 
which appeared recently on [1],  In an earlier article [2] 
they reviewed the basics of DAML, in this one they go into more 
expressive items, and they promise a third in which they will finish 
up, and also produce a table of the relationships between RDF, RDFS 
and DAML  (note - I sent Uche a note reminding him the langauge is he 
is discussing is called DAML+OIL)
  It is worth thinking about how he has presented these three articles 
-- the first one presents the main ideas - similar to the "OWL-light" 
constructs for much of it.  Second one includes the more complex 
constructs and gets into defined classes and restrictions
  THe mapping to our language-1 proposal is not perfect, but it is 
close.  I htink this is interesting for two reasons
  1) It produces some anecdotal evidence validating Frank et al's 
claim that the core part seems to be what people understand 
first/most easily
  2) It provides an expository mechanism we might try to follow - 
whether we choose to regard OWL-lite as a layer or as a set of idioms 
- which is to make it clear how the more complex/expressive language 
constructs build on the simpler ones by constructing more and more 
complex examples in the same domain.
p.s. I havem't gone through their examples carefully to make sure 
there are no errors in the DAML, but their "Super Sport Ontology" [3] 
is used for the examples and is a nice expository domain.

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