Re: LANG: frame paradigm

Dan Connolly wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-03-14 at 10:46, Guus Schreiber wrote:
> > I think we should consider the UML class model also as background
> > reference.
> UML is handy in that it's widely understood,
> but it's got a lot of closed-world assumptions in it.
> e.g. in UML, if you say the Person class
> has a gender M/F property and a sibling
> property, then somebody else can't
> derive a brother property and a sister
> property, because the list of properties
> in a UML class is sorta closed.
> So it's great to compare OWL with UML, but let's
> also be careful to contrast it.

Most frame systems have the same "closed" property. I think this is not
the issue here. As I understand it, Frank and Ian want to use frame
idiom as a presentation format, which is translated behind the scenes
into DL, so that users can actually still add stuff to the "frame"


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