Re: semantics: layering...? [was: Next steps (Action: all)]

From: Pat Hayes <>
Subject: Re: semantics: layering...? [was: Next steps (Action: all)]
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:02:05 -0600


> I would like Peter to either agree that purely as a technical matter, 
> there is in fact no formal paradox in the layering; or else to 
> provide a *formal* analysis of how the claimed paradox arises, using 
> a mathematical statement of all the relevant assumptions about the 
> domains. I do not think that this can be done if the actual model 
> theory for RDF is used (rather than some other semantics that Peter 
> thinks would be better.)

I don't think that I have ever argued that the RDF model theory itself
results in paradoxes.  (The DAML+OIL model theory would be a
counterexample.)  I have argued that
1/ the RDFS model theory (and the DAML+OIL model theory as well) is too
   weak for what is needed in OWL, and 
2/ strengthenings (extensions) of the RDFS model theory that are adequate
   for OWL result in paradoxes if OWL constructs like restrictions end up
   in interpretations.


> Pat


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