Re: LANG: feedback on owl proposal

Enrico Motta wrote:

> Frank,
> quick restatement of the points I made yesterday at the telecon:
> 1) 100% in favour of the approach (owl-frame vs full-owl)

Good to hear it.

> 2) 'full cardinality' should be in owl-frame

I agree it's a judgement call.
You could well be right.

> 3) full set of property specification properties shoud be in owl-frame 
> (symmetric, transitive, inverseOf, uniquelyDefining, unambigous, etc..)

- Again I agree it's a judgement call, and you could be right.
- Notice that "inverseOf" was not in our proposal,
   so that's not just a move but also an addition.
- One inverseOf is added, symmetric comes for free.
- I would be interested what falls under your "etc.."
   (during the teleconf you mentioned that you would like to see
    others in this list).

> 4) drop 'primitive class & defined class terminology. I have not been 
> able to come up with better alternatives. , so maybe we could use a 
> different approach and qualify the attribute specs, rather than 
> classes.  For instance
> PrimitiveClass (male, supers(animal))
>  becomes
> Class Male (attributeSpec supers(animal))
> DefinedClass (Man, supers(Person, Male))
>  becomes
> Class Man (completelydefiningAttributeSpec supers(Person, Male))
> A possible extension of this approach could be to allow users to mix 
> definitional properties with other properties in the same definition - 
> i.e., attributeSpec and completelydefiningAttributeSpec could also be 
> used in the same definition.  For instance:
> Class Man (completelydefiningAttributeSpec supers(Person, Male),
>                   (attributeSpec slot (hasAge, range=PositiveInteger)))
> The above class spec to be interpreted as stating
> Man (x) <-> (Person (x) and Male (x))
> (Man (x) and hasAge (x, y)) -> PositiveInteger(y)

Interesting suggestion. Need to chew on it.

As promised, I will make sure that all of these comments are gathered in an 
"annotated version of the language proposal" for the F2F in A'dam.

> PS
> plus an additional organizational point.  Would it be possible to 
> include the other members of teh subgroup in offline discussions? 
> Otherwise not sure what is the point of being in one group rather than 
> another one.

Peter, Ian and I prepared the first proposal off-line because we needed 
something quick to get the ball rolling in the language group. Clearly, the 
place for discussion is the mailing list.


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