ADMIN: Minutes of teleconf 28 Feb '02 (for review)

Minutes of the WebOnt teleconf on 28 Feb 2002, 18.00 - 19.30 CET.



PRESENT: Dan Connolly, David Trastour, Enrico Motta, Evan Wallace, Frank
van Harmelen (scribe), Guus Schreiber, Herman ter Horst, Ian Horrocks,
James Hendler, Jeff Heflin , Jeremy Carol (joined late), John Stanton,
Jonathan Borden (left early), Jonathan Dale, Jos De Roo, Larry Eshelman,
Libby Miller, Lynn Andrea Stein, Lyn Thomson, Marwan Sabbouh, Mike Dean,
Michael Smith, Ora Lassila (left early), Peter Patel-Schneider,
Ruediger Klein, Ziv Hellman,

REGRETS: Deborah McGuinness, Pat Hayes, Tim Finin.

ABSENT: Dieter Fensel, Einar Breen, Francesco Iannuzzelli, Laurent
Olivry, Leo Obrst, Lynne R. Thompson, Martin Pike, Michael Kohlhase,
Nicholas Gibbins, Oisen Hurley, Raphael Volz, Said Tabet, Shimizu
Noboru, Stefan Decker, Stephen Buswell.

AGENDA ITEM 1) Action item review

ACTION van Harmelen: send hosting details A'dam ftf
        DONE (
ACTION Chairs: update ftf schedule on group home page.
ACTION Chairs: send to mailing list a proposed list of
  documents/outputs expected of the working group (tied to calendar if
  possible) and ask people to express interests in particular w/respect
to those issues
ACTION Heflin/Dale/Volz: new draft reqdoc by Monday 25 Feb
ACTION Chairs: put decision to publish on next week's agenda.
ACTION Hayes: propose wording for Annotation/tagging of ontologies
ACTION Carrol: suggest wording for "Lexical representations"
ACTION Connolly: suggest wording for "Integration of digital signatures."

NEW ACTION ALL: register for A'dam F2F meeting (also in case of regrets)
Do this a.s.a.p. because of pressure on available accommodation.

AGENDA ITEM 2) Requirements document

Heflin states belief that he has responded to all items on the mailing list

open issues are:
- digital signature proposed text is being  discussed
   RESOLUTION: DanC's original text at
   is being accepted
- issue raised by Ian: using the term "definition"
   RESOLUTION: chair will choose terminology on the ground of
   terminology is non-technical by default, unless specified otherwise
- issue raised by Ian: definitional constraints on conjunctive types
   RESOLUTION: this objective will be dropped
- issue raised by Ian: wording on variables is too vague
   RESOLUTION: dropped as objective, we keep a reminder to
               discuss this in the future
- issue raised by Ian: wording and provenance on view mechanism
   are too vague
   RESOLUTION: objective is kept unchanged after discussion
- question from MikeD: is unique names a req of objective?
   RESOLUTION: kept as is (ie a req.)
no further issues raised

chair requests mailing list for maintenance of the document
and this list should be mentioned in the doc.

NEW ACTION Connolly: set up this mailing list
NEW ACTION on editors of reqdoc: include mailing list in doc
NEW ACTION on editors of reqdoc: verify W3C guidelines on syntax & structure

PROPOSAL: chair proposes to publish the current doc as a working draft
RESOLUTION: proposal to publish (after edits) accepted by consensus

NEW ACTION on Mike Smith: setup repository of "open issues"

The group expresses thanks to the editors and in particular Jeff
Heflin for their hard work

AGENDA ITEM 3) focus areas

ACTION ALL: register interest in focus groups:

(NOTE FROM SCRIBE: interests voiced during teleconf or on chat-channel
are not recorded, please register your interests via email as requested)

All focus areas are being discussed and clarified
RESOLUTION: consensus on the descriptions that were on the mailing list
RESOLUTION: consensus is reached on co-evolution of the focus-groups
RESOLUTION: all email will still happen on the central mailing list
RESOLUTION: focus groups have no decision power
RESOLUTION: email labelling should indicate focus-group,
RESOLUTION: email labelling should also indicate when email is
             relevant for people outside the focus group


- items for next week: OWL lite
- email other agenda items to chairs

Received on Sunday, 3 March 2002 19:41:35 UTC