Re: LANG, SEM: Re: more on a same-syntax extension from RDF(S) to OWL

At 12:18 AM -0500 3/6/02, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>>  Jonathan-
>>    You're new to the group, so you may have missed the part in the
>>  charter that makes it clear that expressing rules pre se is out of
>>  scope.  Logical entailment stated explicitely would therefore be out
>>  of scope (i.e. language features where an ontology would somehow add
>>  entailment rules).  Those rules that are implicit in the
>>  interpretation of the language (i.e. those that are in the semantic
>>  of the language) are in scope.
>>    Note "IF, THEN" perilously close to out of scope.  "OR" within
>>  scope, "FORALL,=>" right out of there.
>Does this mean that the types of ontologies discusses in Fikes' recent email
>to the DAML list e.g.
> are "out of scope"

The DAML joint committee is working on rules and query languages for 
the web, and there are many papers being published on more expressive 
logics for the web.  Also, we're allowed to use rules in our 
semantics for the language (ala the axiomatic semantics of DAML+OIL, 
part of the W3C D+O submission) - but that is not the same as 
standardizing rules which was made explicitely out of scope during 
the process of chartering the WG.

>I ask because I notice "=>" in there. Is this the difference between "DL"
>and "PL"?

Don't know what PL is, so can't answer - maybe someone else can - Deb 
McGuinness pointed the group at some good papers on DLs early in our 
work - you can find them in the archives - more recently she wrote

At 5:48 AM -0800 2/14/02, Deborah McGuinness wrote:
>I wrote a paper on Ontologies Come of Age[1], which could be one of the
>things pointed to if you like and of course it points to much previous work.

which is a good backgrounder on this stuff.

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