WOWG: first language proposal

As per our action item from March 7, we have prepared a first language 
proposal, for discussion in this weeks teleconf, and as the basis for further
work by the language focus group.

you will find three documents:

- A short motivation of our design and choices (2pgs)
- An annotated example to give you the flavour (walkthrough) (5pgs)
- The language definition as a simple grammar (5pgs)

We suggest you read the documents in this order.


Our proposal for the OWL Knowledge Base Language comes in two parts:

1. The first ("light") part is loosely based on the frame idiom found in the 
frame-style systems that have been used in AI for decades. This idiom has been 
extended with commonly found ontology modelling idioms and a number of 
features that are important in the Web context.
This "light" version will provide a lower entry threshold to the language, 
while still providing much of the required expressiveness.

2. The second ("full") part is very close DAML+OIL.

Peter Patel-Schneider,
Ian Horrocks
Frank van Harmelen.

Received on Tuesday, 19 March 2002 05:23:18 UTC