Re: WOWG: first language proposal

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Frank van Harmelen wrote:

> As per our action item from March 7, we have prepared a first language
> proposal, for discussion in this weeks teleconf, and as the basis for further
> work by the language focus group.
> At
> you will find three documents:
> - A short motivation of our design and choices (2pgs)
> - An annotated example to give you the flavour (walkthrough) (5pgs)
> - The language definition as a simple grammar (5pgs)

Each of the three documents says:

 2002 Lucent Technologies, Inc. Frank van Harmelen, and Ian Horrocks. All Rights Reserved.

If these are working documents of the W3C Web Ontology WG, I'd suggest
that following the
claim that "all rights reserved" might be counter productive. Consider the
situation we'd be in if every email sent to this list had "(c)2002 me, all
rights reserved" attached to it.

Should we consider these three documents an offering from
Lucent/Harmalen/Horrocks to the working group, or a summary and synthesis
of the group's collective design work?



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