Re: an owl use/test case: sameGuy thru UnambigousProperty


> And in any case, make sure the guidelines
> give users enough clues to use it.
> Maybe you could take this test
> case and make it into a richer,
> more interesting example. Or
> maybe you have a different real-world
> example that demonstrates the same
> requirement. Tell me about it and
> I'll try to capture it in another test case.

well, this is already interesting enough!
besides the fact that we found some bugs
(in our implemented stuff)
we also think that it is interesting to consider
different formulations of the entailed graph
e.g. one could write

  _:x :hairColor :red .
  _:x :birthPlace :KC .

or one could write

  _:x :hairColor :red .
  _:y :birthPlace :KC .
  _:x owl:sameIndividualAs _:y .

although they mean the same, I see
benefits in being *explicit* about equality
using e.g.


Received on Thursday, 7 March 2002 10:36:43 UTC