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my primary interests are Focus 2 (TEST) (and also Focus 1).

As first input for TEST, I have released a version of TRIPLE
today containing a standalone implementation of DAML+OIL.

Some features of the DAML+OIL implementation:

- system is (mainly) in Java
- parses DAML+OIL ontologies with Jena
- output in various syntaxes (LISP, XML for FaCT DTD; others
   can easily be added)
- external DL classifier can be automatically invoked
   (at the moment, RACER; support for FaCT will follow)
- output from DL classifier (taxonomy only) can be returned
   in various formats:
   DAML, LISP, XML, DOT (for visualization with GraphViz)

Some notes on TRIPLE:

TRIPLE is a general RDF query, inference, and transformation
language which allows various semantics of Semantic Web languages
to be defined, either directly with TRIPLE rules, or by
accessing external inference engines (like a DL classifier).

One goal of TRIPLE is to have a language for data integration
which requires one inference process to understand and process
the semantics of several data sources which are expressed
in different (Semantic Web) languages like RDF Schema, DAML+OIL,
OWL, UML, Topic Maps, etc.

TRIPLE is joint work with Stefan Decker and can be downloaded
(for Linux and Windows) from:



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