Re: TEST: sameGuy: pls report results from software you develop/use

[from the telecon]

> 18:22:35 <DanC> hmm... Jos? I'm actually not sure how to get cwm to do
> these one-file tests. I'll have to think about it.

sorry I missed that one
I wouldn't know either...
I have to think as well as I don't see a straightforward way
and I look forward to Ian's answer


> In our telcon today, I took an action
> to provide a handful of tests, and
> other folks took actions to try the
> tests with their implementations (FaCT,
> Euler, a prolog thingy, TRIPLE, Jena? ...)
> and report back.

at first we had

@prefix log: <> .

( <>
  <> )
  <> .

running, but it also ran without the
contact:mailbox a ont:UnambiguousProperty.
which is of course a very serious bug now
uses an [] internal labeling in case we don't
have an owl:UnanbiguousProperty within the []
so your test case is OK with Euler


Received on Thursday, 7 March 2002 21:13:55 UTC